Marketing of Handicrafts

Though there is a great demand for tribal handicrafts both in India and Abroad, but the proceeds from these sells never reach to the producers i.e the tribal  handicraft men and women. Most of these tribal handicraft men and women are exploited by middlemen or the agents who purchase these items at a very low price from them and sell it in metros and other urban areas at a much higher price and make a good profit out of it.


Recognizing this problem GVT has started marketing of handicraft items made by the tribals living in its project areas. In the initial period, on a pilot basis it joined hands with Jhitku Mitki Van Hast Kala Samiti and Bastar Arts, Chhattisgarh to understand the handicraft market. A good amount of market research was carried out to locate potential handicraft buyers. Thereafter it facilitated and acted as a link between these potential buyers and Jhitku Mitki Van Hast Kala Samiti and Bastar Arts. Over a period of one year of market research, resulted in building a database of potential customers. Now GVT procures handicrafts directly from the tribal groups and sells them to various  corporate houses and other potential buyers. The proceeds from these sells directly goes to the tribal. Now the tribal handicraft men and women get a substantial amount of profit than what they used to get earlier, when they used to sell their items through a middle man or an agent.



  1. Creates groups of handicraft men and women so that they can sell in bulk and earn good amount from their sell.
  2. Provide training to these people and make them Skilled Craftsmen.
  3. Provide bank linkages to the tribal so that they can easily get loans and transact their business through banks.
  4. Make them more organized so that they don’t stay nuclear and fragmented while executing orders.
  5. Build their capacity so that they can have a good bargain for their products.
  6. Provide handholding support during times of exigencies and other external shocks.
  7. Link them to retail houses so that their products can be exported to various parts of the globe.
  8. Help them earn a substantial amount of profit so that they can lead a more respectful life.
  9. Create a sustainable demand for handicraft items through exhibitions, workshops, seminars etc.  more

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